Icons of London with the Dunhill Icon collection

Icons of London with the Dunhill Icon collection

Is there anything more iconically British than the Union Jack? Sure the flag represents the union of England, Scotland, and Ireland to historians and politicians, but to you and me, it means just one thing… London baby!! Yeahhhh!

During our recent trip to London (full post coming soon) we decided to take an entire day of exploring everything that makes this city so iconic. Along for the journey was the new Dunhill Icon collection – A collection of fragrance set to capture the essence of the modern British gentleman and this iconic Britsh brand.

3 piece suit in tow, we packed our bags with the Dunhill Icon and the Icon Absolute and headed out into this cold and rainy… summers day! How very British!

The British fascination with red is pretty evident across its cultural icons, the postbox, the phone box, and of course the double-decker bus were all painted red as a way of making them stand out. Once just a horse-drawn carriage, it was the  London General omnibus company that iconified the double-decker bus with its signature red.

This attention to detail is no more evident than in the world’s most famous tailoring street, London’s Saville Row. A bastion of great British tailoring and the home of the bespoke suit. Here master tailors have been crafting made-to-measure suits since the 1800s, turning out one of a kind pieces for anyone from the king of pop to, well, the king himself – No, not Elvis… I mean the actual King… of England. Made to measure is however not strictly confined to Saville Row, a few blocks down at Dunhills flagship London store on Jermyn street awaits a Saville Row-trained master tailor ready to create your dream suit.

Dunhills Legacy of luxury products has made it a true Icon of the modern British gentleman who recognized the world over. The brand’s early origins in the motoring business remain evident in its DNA to this day with its signature machine-turned knurling pattern found on everything from lighters to wallets and of course every bottle of the Dunhill Icon range. The full range of products caters to any gentleman (as long as he is indeed a gentleman) and most importantly remains true to Alfred Dunhills vision “It is not enough to expect a man to pay for the best, you must also give him what he has paid for”. Walking around the Jermyn street store pictured above really brings Alfred Dunhills vision of craftsmanship and innovation to life! I was like a kid in a candy store… except my parents just hadn’t given me enough money to get the candy I wanted! Leaving the store with nothing more than a wishlist, I spruced up with some Dunhill Icon and headed back into town.

To be fair, the above Icons may fulfill our romantic dreams of London, but they are all historical (or traditional) and not really a true reflection of modern-day London. Today’s London is very much a cultural melting pot that curates the best the world has to offer and puts it all in one place. The icons are forever changing, they’re a nod to the past and a look to the future, it’s Tower Bridge behind you as you walk towards The Shard; It’s cocktails in Soho and ramen in Chinatown!

The Dunhill Icon collection has been created in exactly the same way, it remains true to its British heritage while celebrating the best ingredients the world has to offer! It’s Italian Bergamot and Lavender de Provence, it’s spices from the orient and Leather from Tuscany, crafted into a masculine scent and encapsulated in an engine-turned bottle that is so unmistakably Britsih, so unmistakably Dunhill.

The collection caters to a man of timeless elegance, a man of style not fashion, whether he is out exploring the world, or appreciating the finer things in life at home. Combined with his fragrance he radiates confidence without arrogance, appeals without ego. Quite simply, he is a gentleman. Explore the full collection below to find out what Dunhill Icon you are.

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