Fit at 40 with The Arrow Club – Powered by Adidas

Fit at 40 with The Arrow Club – Powered by Adidas

About a year ago…okay…maybe a little more than a year, I decided that when I turned forty, I was going to be rocking the best body of my life! I started with a simple challenge of 100 push-ups a day for 30 days with every intention to move on to bigger and better workouts and of course bigger and better biceps, pecs, quads, and all the rest. The challenge was a success, I completed 100 push-ups every day without fail. With great determination, I pushed through the shoulder pain in week two and ignored the advice that repetitive movements would just result in injury. What I should have done, was not do 100 push-up’s a day. It totally messed up my shoulder and I was pretty much out of action for a year! Yep, in the end, I entered my 40’s the same way I left my 30’s. Squishy!

Now, with 41 on the horizon, the itch to get into shape started looming its squishy head and I decided the challenge was still on. Maybe it’s a mid-life crisis, but I didn’t like the fact that someone told me I had a “dad bod” (you know who you are) when I hadn’t even had the privilege of becoming a dad yet. So, I decided to show all the young guns out there that us 40-year-olds still have some juice in the tank. Man, I sound old! Who even says “juice in the tank” anymore!?

As fate would have it the folks from The Arrow Club reached out to me with the offer of a 3-month body transformation. Better still, they decided to take both Elzaan (not that she needs it) and me on their journey of training, nutrition, education, and mentality together! We’re both relatively fit and lead a reasonably healthy lifestyle (or so we thought) so we were definitely up for the challenge. To up the ante, however, we decided to put it all out there for you to see – nothing like a bit of an online audience to keep you accountable right?

The Arrow Club is the brainchild of body transformation specialists Mark and Georgia Garlik who after running The Arrow Club successfully in London, decided to make Cape Town their new home. Who can blame them? Their gym is located at their home in Vredehoek, but this is no home gym, in fact, you never see their home and the training studio is better equipped than the most gym’s in Cape Town – but you probably got that from the picks above. It does, however, have the benefit of a Cardi G, the world’s most chilled Boston Terrier puppy who sits in his bed and watches you as you perform your reps, giving out a little motivational nod every now and then to keep you going! You don’t get that in most Cape Town gyms either!

As I mentioned above, The Arrow Clubs’ approach to training is a little different, rather than focus on only one aspect of your fitness they take a holistic view of your health. I thought the best way to describe it all was through our personal experience with each.

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