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Who we are.

We believe in a world where you have total freedom to be you, without judgement. To experiment. To express yourself. To be brave and grab life as the extraordinary adventure it is. So we make sure everyone has an equal chance to discover all the amazing things they’re capable of – no matter who they are, where they’re from or what looks they like to boss. We exist to give you the confidence to be whoever you want to be.

Body Positivity

It’s super-important for us to promote a healthy body image – we’re not about conforming to any stereotypes. And we’re not in the business of digitally altering their appearance either… there’s no reshaping or removing stretch marks here. Our Clothes selection is based on the regular wearing of every next Human outside, that's what makes us different to choose. 

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You know that satisfying feeling when you stumble across an incredible vintage boutique, or uncover an amazing independent brand, before everyone else? Yeah, we love that too. That’s why we created Lushelites Marketplace which is affiliate with the world Class supplier of Clothes Amazon LLC and its partners to deliver you the best priced clothes. Buy without stress.

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